The yellowtail flounder has a deep body, with a small mouth, moderately large and closely situated eyes, and a slightly pronounced snout. The upper side of the body is olive to brown in colour, with dark mottling, and dorsal and anal fins are yellowish on both sides of the body, with faint dark bars and a narrow dark line at the base. Scales are rough on both sides of the body.

Yellowtail Flounder lives on soft, sandy bottoms at depths of up to 2,300 ft, though it is most commonly found at depths of around 300 ft. Males grow up to 19" in length, though the common length is around 13.2 in. The maximum recorded weight is 3.7 lb, and the maximum recorded lifespan is 26 years.

Flounder has a firm, delicate texture with small flakes and when cooked and a mild, sweet flavor.

Typical cooking methods include Poach, Saute and Steam.

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