We get a lot of questions from new shareholders about our website. Here are a few tips on how to navigate like a pro!

Firstly let's quickly explain the pricing. Each item has a base cost. For the fish shares for example the base price is the cost for 4 weeks of fish which is our smallest season share. If you choose the 6 week share the + means how much it is for the 2 extra weeks of fish. Same with the Seafood Add-Ons. The base price is per pound and if you want additional weeks (pounds) the + means that's how much is added for your selection.

When adding items to the cart please be patient after you click add to cart. 

Fresh Fish Shares

1. The fish share section are for folks that are signing up for a share of our fresh caught fish for 4 weeks (half season) or more weeks. If you want fish every week for a season you sign up for an 8 week share.

2. Our fresh fish shares come in 1 pound fillet, 2 pound fillet or whole fish options.

3. Start by selecting your fish share type (4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 week, 7 weeks or 8 weeks).

4. Select your delivery type. We offer free delivery to our pick up sites. If you select this option a list of delivery sites will populate. If you want home delivery you would select home delivery at this time. 

5. Select your weeks. If you selected a 6 week share you would then select 6 of the 8 weeks that are presented to you. If you have selected home delivery your weeks will appear the same but there will be a $6 charge added to your order for each week you select.

6. Add to cart!

Seafood Add-Ons

We will use Day Boat Scallops for this example:

1. Click on the first drop down menu "Choose Scallop Add-Ons". If you would like scallops for 3 of your weeks this season you would select "I want scallops 3 weeks this season".

2. Select your delivery type, Pick Up or Home Delivery. Then you would select the 3 weeks you want the scallops in the check boxes. If you are signed up for home delivery for the weeks you are adding the scallops you would select "I've paid for home delivery" to avoid that additional home delivery fee from being added to your cart. 

Q: I want 3 weeks of scallops but 1 of the weeks I have not paid for home delivery, how do I add home delivery for 1 week?

A: You need to add these as separate items to the cart. For the first item you would select "I want scallops for 2 weeks this season" then you would select "I've already paid for home delivery", select your 2 weeks, then add to cart. Then go back to the scallops select "I want scallops for 1 week this season" then you would select "I need to pay for home delivery", select your week and add to cart.

Q: What if I want 2 pounds of scallops for 3 weeks, how do I add more pounds to my order?

A: If you want exactly the same thing and you chose either pick up or I've paid for home delivery you can simply increase your quantity in your cart. Then hit the update total button at the bottom of the cart. If you selected "I need to pay for home delivery" you will need add additional pounds as a separate item in your cart. Go back to the scallop page and add the additional pound this time selecting "I've paid for home delivery".  

Q: I don't think my cart is totaling correctly, what is wrong?

A: Please check the very bottom of the cart where the total "add-ons" and the base pricing adds together to make the total. This is the final price. If that is still not correct you can also click the update button. If that doesn't work we recommend that you remove the items from your cart and restart the process. The reason this happens is you may have started an order and not finished it, or hit add to cart multiple times by accident and the system is confused. Don't worry after your first time with the process it get easier :)

You can always reach us by phone or on our live chat if you need help!