Cape Ann Fresh Catch is a woman-owned, community supported fishery (CSF) providing fresh, locally-caught seafood from the Gloucester seaport to our members in the greater Boston area. Creating a direct supply chain from our fishermen’s boats to our member’s tables helps maximize value to the fishermen, reduces our impact on the environment and supplies you, the consumer, with a local, diverse and healthy food choice.

By joining our CSF you will

  • Receive fresh, locally-caught seafood delivered directly to one of 30+ convenient pick-up locations in the Greater Boston area or your home
  • Support your community-based Gloucester fishermen by securing for them a reliable market and fair prices for their catch
  • Bolster the local economy by keeping all costs community-based
  • Foster a more direct relationship with your local fishing community by learning where, when and by whom your fish was caught
  • Support our commitment to maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem

We're just like a CSA - but with seafood.

Become a member by purchasing a fresh fish share for a full or partial season. Each week, pick up your seafood from a designated delivery site or have it delivered directly to your home.