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One Fish Foundation, 2016 Edition

Posted by Colles Stowell on

This blog was originally posted on the One Fish Foundation website on Jan. 11, 2016.

Welcome to One Fish Foundation 2016!

Here’s hoping your 2015 was eventful, prosperous and fun.

It was certainly that for One Fish Foundation. The non-profit officially launched in March, the website went live in August, and classroom instruction began in October. Online visibility has grown steadily, and opportunities to spread the sustainable seafood message continue to arise.

Some of the 2015 blog highlights include:

As 2016 begins, the foundation is positioning itself to expand into more classrooms along Maine’s coast and south into New Hampshire and Massachusetts, broaden the curriculum, magnify its online presence and engage in more community dialogue about sustainable seafood. We will attend more industry conferences and science-based workshops, and stay current with frontline research and key decision makers.

And we will dig into some of the more critical, yet relevant issues surrounding seafood, its management, consumption and overall health for the One Fish Blog.

The One Fish Foundation mission continues to be the education of middle- and high-school students and their communities about why their informed decisions can make a difference in ensuring the seafood they eat is sustainable.

Come join us for the ride!

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