Known as a “soft shell” clam for their delicate shell, these are the famous belly clams found in fried clams, clambakes, and clam cakes. Steam them in butter, white wine, and garlic; garnish with lemon and parsley, add a side of butter for dipping, yum!

Each order is 2 pounds of clams. We recommend a pound per person as a main course, and a half-pound per person as an accompaniment.  

If you would like more than one portion of clams please add the first order to the cart and repeat the process.   

Your order will be delivered to the location of your choosing or select home delivery for our door to door service. Delivery is done once a week to each location we service within 50 miles of our home base in Gloucester. If opting for home delivery please check the pick up location closest to you for an idea on what day we will be delivering to your home. See our Locations.

If you need help with the weeks for delivery please  See our Calendar.

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