A yummy collection with 6 meals from our Local friends at Eclectic Clam 😋 

New England Style Stuffed Clams - TWO

The product that started it all. Our stuffed clams are a New England staple made with fresh Quahogs from Cape Cod, MA. An old family classic, this was my grandfather’s recipe used to make stuffed clams after a fun (and hard) day’s work of quahogging on the beaches of Cape Cod.

Fish Cakes - TWO

Another New England classic, these fish cakes are made with locally caught, fresh filets of haddock and pollock mixed with creamy mashed potatoes for a savory treat. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, these cakes will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Crab Cakes - TWO

Packed with lump and claw meat from Blue crabs, these cakes are the closest to the Chesapeake classic you will find in New England. Our twist? Instead of just mayonnaise, we make a Old Bay hollandaise sauce to bind all that crab meat with a little bit of Ritz.


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