Locally crafted Kraut by Pigeon Cove Ferments.  Cabbage and sea salt.  A classic, old world combination.

Great as a side with salmon or as a topping to brighten classic fish recipes such as fish tacos and fish sandwiches.  

Available in 16 oz Jars.


  • Cabbage
  • Sea Salt

Each batch is unique, taste may vary.

Sauerkraut is a live food, contents may bubble when opened.

Keep Refrigerated. Best if eaten 1 month after opening.

Pigeon Cove Ferments is a small, family run fermenting company based out of Gloucester, MA. We make sauerkrauts, kimchi and kombucha, a fermented tea, using traditional methods that maintain the integrity of the vitamins and minerals found in the fruits and produce we use. Our products are raw, nutrient dense and probiotic rich. We source our ingredients "hyper local" from small North Shore, Massachusetts farms dedicated to organic growing practices. When we need ingredients that we cannot find locally, we order organic through our local heath food store. We are serious about supporting our local farmers and making products that are clean, good for your belly and packed with flavor.

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